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/Video Modeling

  Whether it be a prep school, college, or a minor league club, Attack the recruiting process !!!   You may get lucky and a scout sees your child at a tournament, but the truth is, only 2% of athletes today are actively recruited.  So how do you get your child to the next level ? More likely than not, you will need to make the 1st move and reach out to a college coach.  What do you think the first thing he will be asking for ?  Video !!!  Video is the most effective communication tool available to today's athletes looking to get to the next level, and it is the easiest way for a coach to evaluate future prospects.  Getting your son or daughter on a team could save you thousands of dollars on schooling and the right video could make the difference. You have already invested so much of your time and money on your childs skill set, so don't drop the ball when you're so close to the goal line.   My goal is to get your foot in the door by visually amplifying your child's skillset by using the best camera angles to showcase their abilities.  College coachs watch hours of highlights and skills videos everyday, and you need to stand out in the pack.  Different sports require different approaches and targeted video is essential.  You get one shot, just a three minute window that can either continue the process or end it.

    "You never get a second chance to make a first impression ! "

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